Bungie Offers Free Month of GeForce NOW Priority Tier to Stadia Guardians

Destiny 2

Google Stadia has now officially shut down but with the help from Bungie and NVIDIA, retirement for Destiny 2 guardians is still a long, long way down the road. Destiny 2 players can keep playing on GeForce NOW, specially thanks to this free offering.

Bungie's GeForce NOW free offer for Destiny 2
Bungie’s GeForce Now offer

Destiny 2 developer Bungie is underway contacting Stadia Guardians to offer a free month’s access to the Priority tier on GeForce Now. For all of you Stadia Guardians It may be worth checking your inboxes (even spam) to see if you received your email. Be sure to act quickly and redeem your code, as they will only remain valid until February 19th 2023.

Email text from Bungie talking about Destiny 2 on GeForce NOW

The priority tier of GeForce NOW offers up to 1080p, 60 FPS with RTX with a 6-Hour session length, all for the price of £8.99 a month. Along with the offer, although free, you will need to claim Destiny 2 on Steam or the Epic Games Store to play it via GeForce NOW.



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