Chrome OS Has a New App Store Which Features Cloud Gaming Apps

Chrome OS App Store Capture

Chrome OS (the operating system that powers Chromebooks, Chromeboxes and more) has a new unified app-store (link works on Chromebooks) that includes PWAs (Progressive Web Apps) as well as Android apps installable from the Google Play Store.

In general, the app fills an important gap on Chrome OS. Previously, there was no way to search for installable Web Apps other than going to various individual websites and looking for the “install” button in the URL bar.

Chrome OS App Store Capture

As you can see, in the screen capture above. The new store is highlighting two popular cloud gaming services: GeForce NOW and Xbox Cloud Gaming. For NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW, you have the option of choosing whether to install the Web App (PWA) or the Android App via Google Play. For the best Chromebook experience, we recommend the web app. For Xbox Cloud Gaming, only the web-app (which is what we’d recommend anyway) is available.

When searching the store, we were also able to find the Boosteroid app (with both Web and Android versions listed). However, Amazon Luna and Blacknut currently don’t yield any results. Both of these services do have installable Web Apps. We hope to see these services added soon.

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