Cities Skyline Released on Stadia Straight to Stadia Pro! Far Cry Primal Comes Today as Well.

Stadia released a big “This Week on Stadia” today – announcing that Cities Skyline is now available on Stadia. And! Better yet, it is free to claim for Stadia Pro subscribers! There is also a free trial of the game along for the ride.

In addition, both the “Pearls from the East” and “Carols, Candles and Candy” addons are free on the Stadia store to go with the new free Pro game!

The city simulator game represents a fairly new category for the platform and is one of the most popular simulation games in the gaming world.

In addition, Far Cry Primal is releasing on the platform later today! Far Cry Primal is a spin-off game from Far Cry 4 that was originally released in 2016. It takes place in the stone-age and, like other Far Cry games, is a first person shooter.

Other news from the blog post sees the much beloved indie smash-em-up Dawn of the Monsters game going free to play for the upcoming weekend of May 26 to May 31st and a 50% sale coming to Pac-Man Mega Tunnel Battle, which also now has a free trial.

Our 2022 Stadia games list has also been updated.

Happy TWOSday all!


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  1. I’m not very interested in either of the two games that just got released, but it’s always good to see a wider variety of games coming to Stadia. I was totally going to buy “The Division 2” standard edition while it’s on sale for only $5, but I misplaced my bank card somewhere, so now there’s a lock on my debit card. I’ll just have to make sure I buy it the next time it goes on sale again.

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