Cities Skylines II Launches on Boosteroid Alongside 6 Games

One week after Boosteroid added Lords of the Fallen and many other releases, and expanded support for many other games, the cloud gaming service has expanded once again their library. Today, Boosteroid has added 7 games across their Library and Install tabs, and a new demo. A couple of highlights are Cities Skylines II and DayZ.

New Games Now Available on Boosteroid

Cities Skylines II

Raise a city from the ground up and transform it into a thriving metropolis with the most realistic city builder ever. Push your creativity and problem-solving to build on a scale you’ve never experienced.


Prepare the perfect heist in this simulated and fully destructible voxel world. Tear down walls with vehicles or explosives to create shortcuts. Use the environment to your advantage in the most creative way you can think of.


How long can you survive a post-apocalyptic world? A land overrun with an infected “zombie” population, where you compete with other survivors for limited resources.

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

Command mighty Witcher-world heroes in epic online PvP card battles! Join in The Witcher universe’s favorite card game!

Transport Fever 2

The classic transport simulation genre has a new gold standard with Transport Fever 2. Discover a whole new world by navigating transport routes through land, water, and air.

Games Available via the Install Tab


ENDLESS Dungeon is a Roguelite Tactical Action game edited by SEGA. Recruit a team, explore a space station, and protect your crystal… or die trying.

Disney Speedstorm

Take on the track now with Disney Speedstorm, the ultimate battle-racing game featuring some of your favorite Disney and Pixar characters

Following these games, the demo version of Eurotruck Simulator 2 has also been made available.

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