Cloud Gaming Has a Home on Mastodon

A number of amazing community members (kudos to m3t4lw01f and Granite) have come together to create a cloud gaming Mastodon server –!

Mastodon is an open, federated social platform. It looks and feels a lot like twitter, but it is fundamentally de-centralized – like email. Your account is based on both a username and a server you belong to (think [email protected]). You can follow people and have followers from any server. So, in some sense, what server you belong to doesn’t matter… but.. the server you belong to does give you access to a special “local” feed of posts from others on the same server and each server does dictate their own content moderation policies.

Mastodon Homepage

The server you use does also provide a bit of bling to your handle. I’m now @[email protected], which is right up my alley!

Perhaps the biggest benefit of choosing this particular server for a Mastodon identity is that the user list is already becoming a veritable who’s who list of cloud gaming enthusiasts. It’s a great way to find people to follow!

To get started, simply go to and click “create account.” At this point, we are told that new accounts are reviewed (mostly to avoid fake/spam accounts), but you should be on in a matter of hours.

Usage of Mastodon in general has been exploding recently given a number of controversial changes in flight over at Twitter since Elon Musk acquired the platform. But, whether or not you are fleeing Twitter, Mastodon (and the server) can be another great way to interact with the vibrant cloud gaming community.


Jack Deslippe

Jack Deslippe is an HPC professional with a PhD in Physics from the University of California, Berkeley. As a hobby, he is passionate about consumer technology and Cloud Gaming in particular. He volunteers as an editor for Cloud Dosage in his spare time. See the games Jack is Playing at ExoPhase. Like his content? You can follow Jack on Threads: @jackdeslippe and Buy Jack a Beer.

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