Could Disney Be The Next Cloud Gaming Giant?

Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are a seemingly endless number of companies that offer cloud gaming services including Microsoft, Sony, Amazon, Netflix, and NVIDIA, among many others. And, today, I want to talk about an entertainment company that has a huge game library and could potentially take on other gaming companies. That company is Disney.

Disney Has a Wide Gaming Library

Okay. Let’s start by looking at some games Disney owns. The list includes both retro and new titles such as The Secret Of Monkey Island, Star Wars The Force Unleashed, Epic Mickey 2, Where’s My Water, and Disney Infinity among dozens of other classic games from Disney and LucasArts.

While Disney does have a large game catalog, Disney could still struggle based on the library it owns. While most games in Disney’s library are based on Disney franchises like Mickey Mouse, Star Wars, and Indiana Jones not all of the games covering those franchises are in Disney’s control. Which brings me to my next point.

Disney Doesn’t Own All Games Based On Its IP

The first big reason why I don’t see Disney launching such a service is simple: whilst there have been popular video games based on Disney-owned properties, many such as Marvel’s Spider-Man, Alien Isolation, The Simpsons Tapped Out and Star Wars Jedi Survivor (just four notable examples) are games that are based on Disney properties which Disney did not publish.

Now, I don’t doubt Disney would be able to license the rights to such games for a cloud gaming service (think Disney+ but for video games). There may, however, be some issues with companies like Sony or EA who would want compensation for lost sales.

Disney Seems Uninterested in Gaming

My next point is also very simple: Disney doesn’t seem to care all that much about video games… Gaming is also a very expensive industry to break into. Disney has the money to build a cloud gaming platform and has the IPs to make some widely successful games, and yet I, personally, seriously doubt it will ever happen.

Gaming is an industry that Disney once tried to go toe to toe with other companies within, and that period ended with them selling off and shutting down their studios and licensing their properties out to anyone who would pay the fee.

Do I want a Disney-focused cloud gaming service? *Shrugs Shoulders* Meh… As long as I can play Star Wars The Force Unleashed on a cloud gaming platform, I don’t really care if it’s on a Disney specific cloud gaming service or if it’s on another cloud gaming service.

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