Crayta’s New Season is Live.

Crayta, a free to play, collaborative creation platform available on Stadia, has launched it’s latest season; Cybotanica!

The new season brings a lot more than just a new season pass and a new look to the game.

  • NPC’s where added to the platform in the last season and now they can be customized to fit in better with your game creation style. You can now change their body shape, hair and more!
  • The hub, as always has had a brand new make over to showcase the new season.
  • There are new fire effects, torch and fireplace, which can also be customized with color, sparks, and size to add even more detail to creations.
  • New Packs! There is a birthday party pack, which offers everything you need for a celebratory tone. And there’s a pack of community wishlist items which includes furniture.
  • And, of course, there’s a whole host of Cyber-Natural themed meshes, sounds, voxels and more.

The Season Pass is, as always, completely free. A free game on a free platform, with a free season pass? What more could you ask for!

We love this free to play world that Crayta has given us and love the updates they keep bringing to the table. We look forward to seeing the creations you come up with using all the new assets.

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