Dawn of the Monsters Adds Achievements on Stadia and Gets a Free Weekend

Dawn of the Monsters Banner

Dawn of the monsters launched straight to Stadia Pro earlier in the year as a gem of the subscription. It takes the “beat em up” video game style to entirely new levels with Godzilla like monsters (both working for good as well as evil purposes) wrecking havoc on the world’s cities – starting with Toronto.

Recently, the game developers, updated the release to include 30 Stadia platform achievements; something we love to see in all games on Stadia! One StadiaHunters member has even managed to 100% the game in the short time since the achievements became available.

Have you not claimed it on Stadia Pro? Well… Good news! It is now free for everyone to try this weekend on Stadia!

Go ahead and give it a whirl! The comic book stylings, cut-scenes and cataclysmic battles might convince you it is worth keeping! We definitely fell in love with this one after our first try.


Jack Deslippe

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