Dead Drop Studios Reaches 50% Kickstarter Funding in Just a Few Days

Outbreak Shades of Horror

Dead Drop Studios has launched a Kickstarter fund to help cover the costs of developing its next generation Outbreak game in the upcoming years. The game, should it be funded, is set to release on PS5, Xbox Series, Steam and Stadia.

One of the interesting things the development team did was launch the Kickstarter campaign alongside a playable teaser of the game that utilized Stadia. This has allowed perspective supporters of the game to play the demo of the game right in their browser before pledging their own financial support. If a playable demo isn’t proof of a future product’s potential, we don’t know what else is.

Good news to those who enjoyed the demo and would like to see this game funded! It is already at 50% of its Kickstarter goal, having passed $33,000 of support!

There is no doubt that Stadians have played a big role in the accomplishment so far. But, the team still needs your support to make it to its fully funded goal!

Have you funded the project so far? If so, what are you most looking forward to?


Jack Deslippe

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