Deathrun TV Slated for June 1 on Stadia


As reported first by @M2Gaming on Twitter, the super fun looking indie game Deathrun TV is now slated for a June 1st release on Stadia!

This unique game is described by the developers as:

DEATHRUN TV is a fast hardcore rogue-lite twin-stick shooter set in the world’s biggest and craziest game show. You’ll experience real-time blistering speed and bullet-dodging action as you compete for glory…assuming you’re able to survive in this 2D bullet hell where only “likes” really count.

It’s great to see it has a release date! It was just a couple weeks ago that the Stadia community stepped up to support the developers through a rough financial stretch. Getting this game into people’s hands will certainly go a long way to making sure the developers can put out more games in the future!

The Deathrun TV June 1 release date for Stadia definitely also makes us ask: is this game going to launch on Stadia Pro? We definitely wouldn’t count on it. But let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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