Destiny 2 Guardian Games Arrive on Stadia

It seems like updates for Bungie’s Destiny 2 never stop coming! The latest update delivers Destiny 2’s annual “Guardian Games” community event. If you have never heard of Guardian Games before, here is a quick synopsis. 

Guardian game is a community event inside Destiny 2 where players compete against each other to see which in game class is best. In the first year, Titans Won by a fairly large margin, and, in the second year, my fellow Hunters won hands down. Team Hunter’s Let’s Go!!!! 

This year things will be a little different with the inclusion of competitive Player vs. Environment (PVE) modes utilizing playlists that are focused specifically on the event. 

For more details on the changes to this year’s event, you can click here. The event is currently going on until the start of season 17, May 24th; so whether you are excited to show off your class with the new drip, or compete to win, there is something for everybody. And, of course, the best place to play is on Stadia, where you can join thousands of people playing Destiny 2 everyday!


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