Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is getting more DLC

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Update

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is getting more DLC on Stadia. Announced late last week, the Bardok: Alone Against Fate story DLC will be adding itself as an expansion to the base game, although it doesn’t appear to be linked to your progression in the story. It kicks off an entire second season of content, the rest of which is unknown at this time, but seems to be split into three parts like Season One was.

More like Bardock: Alone Without Dates amiright!?

The announcement came as a surprise to fans, as the last piece of Kakarot DLC was released June 10th, 2021. The original game launched just a few months after Stadia itself in January 2020. Although Stadians would need to wait a year and a half before they could play it themselves.

The game was well-liked at launch, landing a 73 on Metacritic. A sporadic year with more DLC followed that was more or less also liked. The game isn’t an award winner, but it IS a good time. Especially for lapsed DBZ fans like myself.

The new Alone Against Fate DLC will serve as a prequel, following Bardok as he works as a Frieza goon. For those of you that aren’t fans, that’s before the events of the show. So we are about to witness some ANCIENT history. The specific release date of the Dragon Ball Z DLC is not yet known, but it’s confirmed for 2023. If the quality holds up to the base game, we have nothing to worry about except our wallets.

In other news, Rider’s Republic is also receiving a free update, and despite recent headlines, Red Dead is alive and well.


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  1. I got it on Steam shortly after it released and played for a bit. I got it on Stadia with rhe DLC for really cheap and finally completed it! Good game for DBZ fans. Still have ro finish the first DLC, tho.

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