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Welcome to the Elemental War 2 game review. Our first ever game review at CloudDosage! This is something we are hoping to regularly going forward. If you’d like to receive funding to get a game in order to contribute a review, please apply to contribute!

Without further ado, here goes…

Elemental War 2: A towerful challenge

On the surface Elemental War 2 appears like any other tower-defense style game – where you place various towers among a pathway and prevent enemies from entering through a portal. The longer your session goes, the faster the spawn rates for various enemies, requiring you to build up a strong defense from the start to hold off early problems and continuing to enhance your towers quality and quantity.

Gameplay Via Elemental War 2
Towers Via Elemental War 2
Balrog Via Elemental War 2

If you dig deeper, though, you will find that the game goes far beyond traditional tower-defense games.

This one takes it to another level, with many creative designs on full display. This ranges from the environments, the different unit types, and the tower designs that make up the theme of the game.

The game is a beautiful blend of defensive brainstorming, rapid action, smooth animations all bundled within classical tower defense style mechanics.

As the name might suggest, there is a heavy emphasis on elements, where enemies have significantly different defenses against different elemental attacks. Elements can also be combined to create new a wide range of Tower types that target multiple weaknesses toward the goal of causing as much destruction as possible before your portal is breached by too many units.

The maps themselves also contain certain elemental properties where towers that match the local boosted element are enhanced. The way you earn the ability to apply an element to tower is somewhat unique to the game as well. Every nth wave comes in the form of an elemental boss challenge, that upon completion gives you the ability to upgrade towers with the matching property. You are given the opportunity to choose your next challenge and reward!

Check out our first look video for first impressions:

Elemental War 2 First Look on Stadia

or you can go ahead and give the game a shot yourself hassle-free and launch it instantly on Google Stadia today.

We think this game brings valuable new territory to the cloud gaming library.

Elemental War 2


Elemental War 2
Elemental War 2
Fun Factor


Elemental War 2 is a top class tower defense game for RPG and elemental magic fans. It looks and plays beautifully on Stadia and is priced right. For those who aren’t up for a grind, the endless tower defense mechanics could wear on your enjoyment.



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