Every Netflix Game By Netflix Game Studios and Based On Netflix Shows

Netflix Games has built out a strong library of almost ninety games on its platform, so in this article, I plan to go over every first-party game/game based on Netflix shows that sit on Netflix Games as well as how you can access them. NOTE: Sonic Prime Dash is excluded from this list as that game is just Sonic Dash with a bit of DLC.

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Molehew’s Mining Adventure (Cloud Beta):

Molehew’s Mining Adventure is an arcade-style game where you play as Molehew and mine for diamonds as you chase a high score. At the time of writing this, you can’t download Molehew’s Mining Adventure on your phone like you can every other game on this list as this game is only available to select Netflix members in the UK, US, and Canada due to a cloud gaming beta.

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Oxenfree (Cloud, Mobile):

Oxenfree was developed and published by Night School Studio back in 2016. In September 2021 Netflix acquired Night School Studio, one year after the acquisition Oxenfree was added to Netflix Games. Oxenfree is a single-player game where you must uncover mysteries during a night of partying. Oxenfree is available to everyone in Netflix’s Cloud Gaming Beta but also to every Netflix subscriber via its mobile app.

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Dungeon Boss Respawned (Mobile):

Dungeon Boss Respawned is a “remaster” of the original game Dungeon Boss. In March 2022 Netflix scooped up the developer of Dungeon Boss Respawned, Boss Fight Entertainment who then released Dungeon Boss Respawned onto Netflix Games a few months later. Dungeon Boss Respawned is a dungeon crawler role-playing game where you must pick heroes and go into battle, defeat bosses, and collect awesome loot.

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Oxenfree 2 Lost Signals (Mobile):

Night School Studio’s follow-up to the 2016 smash hit indie game Oxenfree which was titled Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals. Alongside Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals being released on most platforms on the same day, this game was also released exclusively on mobile via Netflix. With Netflix testing cloud gaming with the original game hopefully we can see Oxenfree 2 Lost Signals available to Netflix subscribers via the cloud sooner rather than later.

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Shadow and Bone: Enter The Fold (Mobile):

The final piece of content Netflix released based on Shadow and Bone. Shadow and Bone: Enter The Fold is a mobile fantasy RPG where you play through the world of the Grishaverse. This game started life under the name “Shadow and Bone: Destines“. If you’re a fan of RPG games or a fan of Shadow and Bone then this game is definitely worth checking out.

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Vikings Valhalla (Mobile):

This game is a standout for Netflix subscribers as this game is a mobile strategy game set in the world of the television series Vikings Valhalla. This game is a fun game to playthrough especially if you are looking for a game which feels like a mobile version of Age Of Empires.

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Netflix Stories: Love Is Blind (Mobile):

One of multiple dating simulation games on Netflix Games, Netflix Stories: Love Is Blind is a game based on the widely popular dating series Love Is Blind. In this game you must try and find your perfect match, can you find them? take a chance.

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Nailed It! Baking Bash (Mobile):

The game which made wannabe bakers excited, in Nailed It! Baking Bash you must bake cakes and try your best to match the design of the cake you are shown, or you can do what I do and just throw random things on your cake to see the results. This game is a fun timewaster and I hope Netflix is able to bring this game to their cloud gaming platform.

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The Queens Gambit Chess (Mobile):

There are hundreds of chess games that exist, however this game is unique as it is based on the popular Netflix miniseries from 2020, The Queens Gambit. In this game you must learn to become a chess master or you can battle it out with friends in multiplayer, will you get a checkmate?

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Narcos Cartel Wars Unlimited (Mobile):

This is one of two games based on the popular Narcos television series. In Narcos Cartel Wars Unlimited you must build your drug empire and become the ultimate kingpin. Narcos Cartel Wars Unlimited is a strategy game so between this and Vikings Valhalla there are several options to strategy game fans especially if you enjoy Netflix’s television series.

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Too Hot To Handle 2 (Mobile):

Netflix really struck gold with the popularity of this dating show franchise, so they decided to publish two games based on it. Too Hot To Handle 2 is a slight improvement over its predecessor, this game has an improved character creator as well as including a former contestant from the show called Chloe Veitch. This game is an overall improvement from its predecessor so if you want to play the best version of a Too Hot To Handle game, well here you go.

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Too Hot To Handle: Love Is A Game (Mobile):

Too Hot To Handle: Love Is A Game is the first game based on the popular reality dating show, the game has an interesting character creator and allows you to romance a selection of singles. Back in July it was reported that this game had over five million downloads. This is also the third Netflix television series to receive multiple games after Stranger Things and Narcos.

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Stranger Things 1984 (Mobile):

One of the first games added to Netflix and the first game Netflix ever licensed back in 2017. Stranger Things 1984 is an action game where you playthrough the first season of the popular Stranger Things television series. Hopefully Netflix implements controller support and adds this game to their cloud gaming service as its a fun game and it would be great if more Stranger Things fans were able to check it out.

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Stranger Things 3 The Game (Mobile):

Stranger Things 3 The Game is a beat ’em up game which alongside being available to Netflix subscribers on mobile it was also published on consoles a couple years ago. This is another game based on the popular Stranger Things television series and since it is came to consoles it makes sense to bring this game to the cloud gaming platform.

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Stranger Things Puzzle Tales (Mobile):

The last game based on the popular Stranger Things series is this game, Stranger Things Puzzle Tales. In this game you must match 3 coloured shapes in order to progress. This game is a lot more casual than the other Stranger Things games however this game does receive free content updates unlike the other two.#

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