FIFA 23 Finds Another Home in the Clouds

FIFA 23 Best Place to Buy

Prior to the Stadia news last week, it was the best place to play FIFA 23 this year.

Unfortunately, if you didn’t buy the Ultimate Edition and get the early access, then Stadia ISN’T the best place. As the store has now closed. But, never fear, for Boosteroid has added FIFA 23 to their cloud gaming service. This way, gamers can enjoy the game without the need of a powerful machine. Keep in mind, however, that cross-play with consoles is not functional on PC. Sadly, that function will stay behind alongside the Stadia version.

Boosteroid Install and Play Collection of Games Showing FIFA 23


Similar to GFN, Boosteroid is a service which will allow you to play certain games purchased via Steam, Epic or others. Simply sign up to Boosteroid for €9.89 a month, or €89.89 annually. You will be able to play your existing gaming library on most devices with no session limits.

If you don’t have a console, or you are wanting to play on the go, then this is the best replacement. Also, over 30 games have been added to the service.



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