Stadia is the Best Place to Buy FIFA 23

FIFA 23 Best Place to Buy

FIFA fans are in a league of their own when it comes to loyalty – choosing the same platform generation after generation in order to continue playing with the same friends. But, as EA releases its final FIFA iteration, it may be time for a change. Let’s look at the reasons why Stadia is the best place to buy FIFA 23. You can already pre-order the Standard Edition and Ultimate Edition in the store.

A Long Awaited Feature

Due to the previous lack of cross play in past FIFA versions, dedicated fans would choose a platform to play on based purely on what platform friends have or plan on getting. That needn’t be the case any more. FIFA 23 will be the first ever FIFA game to support cross platform competition. Finally, PlayStation players can compete against Xbox players. And, on its 3rd time round, Stadia players can join in, too!

This won’t be the case for all platforms, though. As current gen consoles (Stadia included) get a different version of the game with extra features, previous generations will not be able to compete with players on these newer platforms.

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Step In to Next Gen.

Unfortunately, people unable or unwilling to get hold of an Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 will lose out on competing against their friends and frenemies. They will also miss out on the best that EA has to offer in FIFA – the best graphical performance as well as new features such as Pre-Match build up and AR overlays in replays. Oh! And, who can forget realistic 3D netting and hyper realistic pitch. Sarcasm aside, this is the biggest, and probably the best, that EA sports has to offer. Although it may not seem like much, it all adds up to a more immersive experience, and doesn’t every one deserve that?

With the Stadia version matching that of PS5 and Xbox Series X, there is no need to be left behind if you haven’t purchased new hardware yet.

Meet The Challenge. Anywhere, Anytime.

Whether you want to dive into a quick match to settle a debate with a friend, open up new packs or make managerial changes before a big match, thanks to Stadia’s ability to play anywhere on any screen, you will be able to log more hours on FIFA 23 than you have done since your high school days. Armed with a bluetooth controller or something like a Backbone or Razer Kishi, you can take FIFA to the streets, anytime, anywhere.

There’s a lot of situations that may or may not be realistic that I can see in my mind. Someone boldly claiming to be able to beat you with any team. Someone calling out your FUT stats, or playing against a friend at their house without just being player two. But the truth is, the play anywhere functionality that only Stadia unlocks will be beneficial for many players.

Welcome to The Worlds Game

Despite FIFA 22 also running the current gen version on Stadia, the argument for picking it up in the could instead of where you usually play was weak. You would be leaving friends behind that you have previously played with. Finding a match in an online game could at times prove difficult as the numbers were substantially lower than those of other platforms. Yet, the numbers show FIFA 22 still did surprisingly well on Stadia – and played beautifully and smoothly. This year however, the case is strong! There are more reasons to buy FIFA23 on Stadia than there are to buy it anywhere else. Simply put: Stadia is the best place to buy FIFA 23. Don’t get left behind. Experience the best of FIFA with the freedom of the cloud.

Of course, we will be re reviewing FIFA 23 soon after release so keep it here for all the latest.



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