First Wave of Xbox Game Pass Titles Announced For July 2023

Grand Theft Auto V

Xbox has announced the first batch of titles coming to Xbox Game Pass for July 2023. The following titles have been confirmed as coming to Xbox Consoles and will also be available to stream on Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Grand Theft Auto V – Available Now

The first game on the list is a big one. Grand Theft Auto V from Rockstar is available on Xbox Game Pass today and is also available to play via Xbox Cloud Gaming. I am not sure what more can really be said about this behemoth title from Rockstar Games. It is certainly an excellent addition to both Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Cloud Gaming.

McPixel 3 – Available July 6th

McPixel 3 is a save-the-day adventure title that sees the hero racing to save the day, one disaster at a time. To do so, players will need to use some very unconventional yet hilarious methods!

Common’Hood – Available July 11th

Common’Hood is a community-building and economy management game. Players will have access to highly customisable base-building tools, which they will need to master in order to build a home, grow food, craft tools, research new technology and build a new family.

Exoprimal – Available July 14th

We have known that this team-based action title from Capcom has been coming to Xbox Game Pass for some time. On July 14th, players will finally be able to pit their Exo-suits against the ferocious creatures that are the Dinosaurs. Even better – if you are an Xbox Game subscriber, you will be able to do so at no extra cost.

Techtonica – Available July 18th

Techtonica will be coming to Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Cloud Gaming as a Game Preview title. The game is a 1st person factory automation title, that is set deep beneath the surface of an alien planet. Players will need rather resources, mould the destructible terrain and uncover the planet’s long-forgotten secrets as they strive to build their own factory, consisting of various machines that will help optimise resource gathering and production.

The Cave – Available July 18th

The Cave is an adventure title that comes to us from Ron Gilbert and Double Fine Productions. Players will need to assemble their team of three from a total of seven adventures and then descend into the depths of mysterious locations including an amusement park and a medieval castle.

All in all, the first half of July 2023 looks very strong for both Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Cloud Gaming. The addition of Grand Theft Auto V in particular is a very solid addition as well as the launch date addition of Exoprimal.

Be sure to let us which of these new Xbox Game Pass titles you will be jumping into this month.


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