Five More Games Already Scheduled to Leave Luna in March

Amazon Luna is still scheduled to lose another 30 games in February. That will yield a total of over 55 games leaving in the month. But, already notifications are starting to appear on games that will be leaving the service in March.

Screenshot showing the Lost Judgment page on Amazon Luna with a banner listing the March departure date for the game.
Lost Judgment is now set to leave Luna in March

Titles Leaving

So far, we’ve found 5 titles which are scheduled to leave:

We also added The King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match to the list of games leaving in February.

This list includes a number of highly rated popular titles: Lost Judgment (which is arguably the best game currently on Luna), Ghostrunner and Kingdom Come Deliverance. Amazon is giving a longer notice for these than most games which have left the service in the past (some of which left with only days notice). So, if you are a Luna+ subscriber and interested in these titles, now is your time to play them.

Luna Logo Leaking Paint (Games)
Luna has been Leaking Games Over the Past Several Months

The overall Luna+ library has been continuously shrinking over the past 4 months. With these departures, the catalog could end up as low as 162 games – that’s getting close to the 50% mark from the service’s high of 276 games in the summer of 2022. Note that we count Capcom Arcade Stadium as a single title.

Luna Nearing One Year Out of Beta

Right now, the outlook for Amazon Luna looks pretty bleak. However, it is possible that there is some brighter news on the horizon. While the service is about 2.5 years old, it is nearing the one-year anniversary of leaving the beta label behind at the beginning of March. If the team at Amazon has anything up their sleeve (like support for Fortnite), that might be the time they choose to release it.

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