Five Nights at Freddy’s is Coming to Stadia. Be Excited!

Based on the above image, you’d think that this game would be just another horror game that’s not really scary right? Wrong! This game completely took me by surprise after putting all the pieces together. It does have jump scares, for sure, but there are a lot of unique fun elements to discover from animatronics, to mini games, to unique, well crafted settings. In other words, fun!

I first came across this game, on Youtube randomly while watching a streamer by the name of CoreyxKneshin. He drop’s “weekly” episodes on Sunday’s called Super Scary Sunday focused on his fans tweeting at him using the hashtag #superscarysunday. 

FNAF has been submitted to his channel over the years and those videos always do really well. Is it partly because he has over 10million subs? Probably… but one thing is for sure, when people can reimagine your game and make a mini series on Youtube about it using the characters, it is an impressive feat!

Shortly after binge-ing a couple of Corey’s videos on Youtube, I found out last week that the latest FNAF installment (Security Breach) is currently in development for Stadia with a 2022 release date! I also hear that a movie may be released on Netflix stated to release in 2023 or 2024 – but there’s not much info out there in regards to it yet. 

The Stadia community should be excited because with each installment this game’s fanbase has been getting larger and arriving before a potential Netflix movie adds to the fun and could potentially drive new engagement to the platform.

With Stadia’s growing library, FNAF’s is a very welcome addition, whose announcement caught me by surprise. It’s hopefully a game you’ll enjoy as well! If you want to be an employee at  Freddy Fazebears Pizzaplex. Here is your training video:


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