Football Manager 2024 Mobile Is Now Available On Netflix Games

football manager

Netflix Games has finally added the latest game in the premiere Football (“Soccer” to the American readers) Management game series, Football Manager Mobile 2024, so let’s talk about it.

Football Manager 2024 Mobile Apk+Mod (Latest) For Android

The addition of Football Manager Mobile 2024 to Netflix Games is an interesting addition for multiple reasons, for one this game is the first “real” sports game added to the Netflix Games library. The second and more interesting reason is that Football Manager Mobile 2024 is the second game available on Netflix Games from legendary game publisher SEGA. Now if gamers want to check out this experience with their Netflix subscription I would check it out before it is likely delisted around this time next year (This happens to all games in the Football Manager franchise due to licensing deals).

Will you be checking out Football Manager Mobile 2024 on Netflix Games? let us know.


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