The Forgotten City is Now Available on Stadia

The Forgotten City

This game garnered a lot of excitement when it was announced as coming to Stadia just yesterday. It was supposed to launch on Thursday (tomorrow), but it looks like it has hit the streets a few hours early (in North America at least).

You can now purchase the game here for $24.99 (same in Euro). And, good news for achievement hunters, 40 achievements are available to earn.

Here’s a description the Stadia team shared on the latest This Week on Stadia blog post:

Travel 2,000 years into the past and relive the final days of a cursed Roman city, where if one person sins, everyone dies. Combat is an option, but violence will only get you so far. Only by questioning an intertwined community of colorful characters, cleverly exploiting the time loop, and making difficult moral choices can you hope to solve this epic mystery.

The Forgotten City

This game is not one to pass up. It is a BAFTA game of the year finalist. You can check out the trailer below:

Will you be picking this one up? Stay tuned for our upcoming review of the game, and, as always, you can check out what other games are coming to Stadia in the future on our list.


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