From Space Delayed

From Space

Update: From space has now announced that the game is coming on November 3rd.

We just reported a couple weeks back that, when From Space launches, it will launch straight to Stadia Pro. At the time, we were expecting From Space to arrive on September 29th. However, it now looks like it will be delayed to “later this year”. This was reported from the @FromSpaceGame news account:

While it can always feel a little disappointing when a game gets delayed, keep in mind that these delays are almost always for the best. The extra time is used to give the game more polish, stability and overall better experience. As far as we know, the game will still launch on Stadia Pro.

From Space gained fame within the Stadia community for releasing an early playable demo of the game on the platform for anyone to try. We are definitely looking forward to its eventual release.

Here is the list of games that we know to be coming to the platform and their best known release date.


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