Game Pass is Getting Some Big Cloud Games This Month

We recently shared which cloud games were leaving Game Pass Ultimate over the first few weeks of this month. I naively thought that we wouldn’t get any news of games coming before the showcase. But Xbox thankfully proved me wrong. Day one to Game Pass, returning games and anticipated games. We have 6 games revealed up until the 18th of June, 5 of those are hitting the cloud. Let’s see what’s coming!

Octopath Traveler

Available Today!

Making a return to the Game Pass library today! Embark on an epic journey across the vast and wondrous world of Orsterra and discover the captivating stories of each of the eight travelers. Use each character’s distinctive abilities in and out of battle and make decisions to shape your path.

Octopath Traveler 2

Available Today!

In this critically acclaimed second title in the Octopath Traveler series, eight new travelers venture forth into an exciting new era in the land of Solistia. Step into their shoes and explore the land as you see fit, using their unique talents to aid you along your journey in this role-playing adventure. Only available on Series S & X


Available June 13th

Ferocious Alpine warfare will test your tactical skills in this authentic WWI first-person shooter. Fight high-altitude battles among the scenic peaks, rugged valleys and idyllic towns of Northern Italy. The Great War on the Italian Front is brought to life and elevated to unexpected heights!

The Callisto Protocol 

Available June 13th

Survive to escape the horrors of Callisto. Use a unique blend of shooting and brutal close-quarters melee combat to fight your way through the maximum-security Black Iron Prison. Battle evolving inhuman creatures, scavenge for new weapons and uncover the conspiracy lurking on Jupiter’s Dead Moon.

Still Wakes the Deep

Available June 18 on day one with Game Pass!

From the award-winning developers at The Chinese Room comes a terrifying tale of isolation. You are trapped on an oil rig in the North Sea, running from an unknowable horror that has come aboard. With no escape and no way to fight back, all you can do is survive. Learn more about Still Wakes the Deep in Xbox Wire’s hands-on preview.

Depersonalization – A tabletop role-playing game inspired by Call of Cthulhu is also coming to Game Pass Ultimate, however at this time it is not available in the cloud.

Which of these games takes your fancy? Is it worth playing Octopath Traveler? Let us know in the comments.

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