8 Games Leaving Luna in May

Ys IX, Trails of Cold Steel IV and Get Packed Game Collage. All Games are leaving Luna.

Amazon Luna picked up 6 games (with the surprise addition yesterday of Jackbox Party Starter in the Jackbox Channel) in April and lost 7 (with Narita Boy departing earlier today). The net loss of just one title over the course of the month was nice to see after months of net losses of over 10 titles and sometimes exceeding 50! The best part of Luna’s April was that the quality of added games was very high! Quite arguably higher than the quality of games lost. We reported yesterday that 5 new games are set to arrive on Luna in May and now we know that at least 8 games will be leaving. Unfortunately, this time around, we think the quality of the games leaving exceeds that of those being added.

8 Games Leaving Amazon Luna in May

The Wonderful 101 Game Banner

The Wonderful 101 is actually leaving Luna in just a couple days. We are not sure when the message went up on the game page, but we noticed just yesterday.

There are some great titles in here, including a former Stadia exclusive Get Packed, which if you haven’t had a chance to play is an absolute blast! A co-op masterpiece.

The biggest titles leaving, though, are probably the last two, which represent very popular JRPG titles. We reviewed Ys IX for Stadia and it is a real winner! Interestingly, Ys VIII will remain on Luna and Luna+ – for now at least.

When They’re Gone They’re Gone

Luna Logo Leaking Paint (Games)

Unfortunately, at this point, Luna doesn’t have a store in which users can purchase games outright. So, once the games leave Luna+, they are gone from Luna entirely. In *most* cases, you can export a copy of your saved games when this happens and continue playing the games on a PC. But, your mileage may vary.

So, if you want to play any of these 8 games leaving Luna in May, you’d better get on it!


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