Gamestream & Netgem Join Forces To Create a New TV & Cloud Gaming Experience


Gamestream, a leader in white label B2B cloud gaming solutions, and the NetGem Group, who operate in the digital entertainment industry, have announced a brand new partnership that will see the two companies come together in order to create a brand new cross-content approach that will integrate cloud gaming and TV streaming into one content package. This package will then be offered to Telcom operators.  

The partnership will effectively create a new service that will act as an entertainment hub which will then be distributed via Telcoms across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, with a market of over 100 million users. 

Users will have access to a catalog that features hundreds of gaming titles, with new ones being added each month. The partnership will also allow for interactive experiences, such as cross-content recommendations and allowing users to switch between video content and gaming content.

van Lebeau, Co-founder and President of Gamestream, reminds us: “With Netgem, we are shaping the entertainment of tomorrow, today. Our unified offer meets real challenges for telecom operators – increasing revenue per subscriber thanks to innovative services, while capturing their attention by building their loyalty to the entire content ecosystem.”

Mathias Hautefort, CEO of the Netgem Group, shared: “Young generation are looking for new TV experiences. This is a strategic problem for Content channels and operators who have invested considerable sums in the creation of TV subscribers bases and invested in boxes sitting in customers homes. With this new proposition, precursing a more immersive television experience, we will contribute to making ‘TV watching’ a place of sharing again, and supporting entertainment for the whole family. We look forward to presenting this cross-content approach to our telecom operator customers, as well the very demanding media industry and we aim to deploy shortly in new territories”.

Gamestream is a company based in France which offers low latency, B2B cloud gaming solutions. They boast a catalog of over 150 games. Some notable titles include Agents of Mayhem, Call of Juarez: Gunslinger and Saint Row: The Third. In recent years they have also formed various partnerships, such as a 10-year strategic partnership with JioGames, a leading gaming service that is based in India. They also have several partnerships with game publishers such as Daedalic Games, HandyGames and Outright Games to name but a few.


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