What to Expect From GeForce Now in 2023

GFN Thursday
Play GFN on All Your Screens – Getting Even Better in 2023

GeForce Now had a fantastic 2022. The service gained 100s of new games, new partner support and new features including the release of the highest fidelity streaming modes on more devices. To kick off 2023, NVIDIA has been teasing more announcements to come at CES later this week as part of a general NVIDIA Keynote:

What do we think NVIDIA has in store for GeForce Now in 2023? Let’s have a look!


NVIDIA GeForce Now is likely to continue adding 20-40 games a month in 2023. This will amount to hundreds more games on the service in 2023. The service should quickly pass the 1,500 game mark by our count. This is easily the largest of any cloud gaming service out there at the moment.

Beyond just more games, we think there is a possibility of more games from EA and 2K in particular! EA has been ramping up their support for the service over the last year and recently brought Battlefield 2042 to the service. Could 2023 be the year FIFA and Madden arrive? With Stadia out of the picture, it definitely seems possible.

Marvel's Midnight Suns
Marvel’s Midnight Suns is the first 2K on the Service. Are more on the way?

Even more tantalizing is the fact that GeForce Now recently picked up its very first 2K game in Marvel’s Midnight Suns (see that same Battlefield 2042 link). Could this mean more 2K games are poised to come to the service in 2023? We’d definitely love to see Red Dead Redemption (1 & 2), the Grand Theft Auto series as well as NBA 2K and other series of sports games.

Late in 2022, GeForce Now partnered with Ubisoft Connect on an important games feature as well – better automatic library syncing. Users simply connect their Ubisoft connect account and their entire Ubisoft library is automatically added to GFN to play with a single click. This is an iterative improvement on what is available with Steam and the Epic games store, and it’s something we hope to see more of in 2023.

More Countries

GeForce Now continues to roll out to more countries – usually a handful a year. While we typically find out only after the rollout is ready along with folks in the new countries, we do know that NVIDIA GeForce Now is poised to roll out to India in 2023! This is coming via a partnership with Jio in the country.

Jio Cloud Gaming
GeForce Now is Launching Via Jio Cloud Gaming in India

It’s likely we’ll see expansion to at least a couple more territories as well.

Cloud Features

GeForce Now has just started working with developers to implement mobile-friendly touch controls into games. Right now, these are limited to about a dozen games. We think it is likely that we’ll see more support for this in 2023. In addition, GeForce Now could begin to roll out other new features.

One of GFNs main competitors, Boosteroid, recently rolled out direct streaming to YouTube (direct from cloud server to cloud server that is). This is something Stadia fans also remember fondly about the shuttering platform. It’s certainly possible for NVIDIA to follow suit in 2023 with direct streaming solutions to YouTube and Twitch. NVIDIA has a lot of tools (available primarily on desktops for now) to help make this happen, and we think this is a feature that could be added to GFN in 2023.

YouTube Gaming Banner

Hardware Refresh?

A bit over a year ago, NVIDIA rolled out the GFN 3080 tier powered by NVIDIA’s own GeForce RTX 3080 cards (or similar server versions). While this tier remains the fidelity king in the cloud gaming space, NVIDIA themselves have already released the 40XX series of GeForce cards. These include the top of the line 4090 cards that enable unmatched ray tracing performance, 8K video and 120 FPS frame rates. Could NVIDIA 40 series cards be headed to GFN? We at Cloud Dosage think it is a matter of when and where and not if! It again seems possible we could see the 40 series cards hit the service in 2023 – helping NVIDIA expand its fidelity lead.

Shield TV Pro and Controller
The 2019 Shield TV Pro

Despite being a little dated, the NVIDIA Shield TV is arguably still the best streaming device on the market – beating out other Android TV devices, Rokus and Fire Sticks for service compatibility and performance. The latest revision of the device was released back in 2019. This means that, if NVIDIA intends to stay in the game (pun intended), we could see a new NVIDIA Shield device this year. With the success of the Steam Deck and the release of a handful of Android based cloud gaming centric hand helds (e.g. the Logitech G Cloud), it is possible (though probably a long shot) that NVIDIA could re-enter this space as well.

NVIDIA Shield Handheld
The Original NVIDIA Shield Handheld. Was it ahead of its time?

In terms of 3rd Party TV OS support, GeForce Now already supports a fair number including Android/Google TV, LG’s Web OS and Samsung’s Tizen TV OS. You can also play GFN on your Xbox! We suspect the list of TVs and platforms to continue growing. Candidates for the future including Fire TV devices, Rokus and others.


In summary, we think it is going to be really fun to watch GeForce Now evolve in 2023. What are you most looking forward to?


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