RTX 4080s To Hit GeForce NOW’s Renamed “Ultimate” Tier Starting this Month

In a recorded presentation for CES, NVIDIA announced a wide range of product updates, including some big news for GeForce Now fans.

GeForce Now RTX 4080
NVIDIA RTX 4080 GPUs will now power the rigs in the “Ultimate” GeForce Now Tier

The biggest news is that the RTX 4080 GPUs will be available in the newly renamed “Ultimate” subscription tier starting this month and rolling out widely in the US and EU throughout the first quarter of 2023. The “Ultimate” name replaces the “3080” tier branding – which, for obvious reasons, no longer properly describes the offering. The tier continues to be available at the same price of $19.99 a month or $99.99 for six months.

NVIDIA also teased the integration of its “reflex” technology to help further minimize cloud gaming latency. They promised frame-rates of up to 240 FPS in the new Ultimate tier, which should shave another 10ms or so off of your perceived latency. You’ll also be able to simultaneously have 4K and 120 FPS.

GeForce Now Baked Right into Your Car’s Infotainment Center

NVIDIA then announced partnerships with several automotive companies (including Hyundai) to package GFN directly into vehicles. We’ve all seen the hobbyist videos, but the idea of folks playing AAA games in their cars while waiting for their significant other to finish up in the store is now going mainstream!

Cyberpunk 2077 was specifically highlighted as a fun game to play in the car. Just remember that driving in real-life isn’t the same as driving in Night City.

Oh… And Some Games Got Mentioned

Along with the 4080 GPUs comes support for DLSS 3 tech that is baked into those cards for AI based upscaling and FPS boosts. NVIDIA highlighted that it’ll help Atomic Heart, The Day Before and Party Animals look stunning on the platform! Yep, that’s a few game announcements right there!

Looks like we got a few things right in our GFN 2023 predictions! GeForce Now was already the undisputed fidelity leader in the cloud gaming space – the addition of RTX 4080 GPUs on the server side extends that lead sizably. Next question – can they also make significant improvements to the overall user experience (UX) this year? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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