21 More Games Coming to GeForce NOW in February

GFN Thursday Feb 2. Atomic Heart, Deliver Us Mars

You didn’t think GeForce NOW was done for the week, did you? It’s the first Thursday of February. So, that means more game announcements! 21 more games in fact!

Three more new games are coming this week in addition to the four that launched yesterday:

Deliver Us Mars is coming to GeForce NOW
Deliver Us Mars is coming to GeForce NOW

We are particularly excited here for Deliver Us Mars. It’s the sequel to the much loved Deliver Us The Moon. The game will hit GeForce NOW complete with Ray Tracing effects. Below you can check out a previous gameplay trailer for today’s game release.

In addition, City of Gangsters will add support for the Epic Games Store, where it will be free February 2-9. Ubisoft title Immortals Fenyx Rising is also adding support for the Steam backend.

More Games Coming in February

Next up, GeForce NOW is promising another 18 games will hit the service this month!

  • Dark and Darker play test (Available on Steam, Feb. 6-13)
  • Labyrinth of Galleria: The Moon Society (New release on Steam, Feb. 14)
  • Wanted: Dead (New release on Steam and Epic Games, Feb. 14)
  • Elderand (New release on Steam, Feb. 16)
  • Wild West Dynasty (New release on Steam, Feb. 16)
  • The Settlers: New Allies (New release on Ubisoft Store, Feb. 17)
  • Atomic Heart (New release on Steam, Feb. 20)
  • Chef Life — A Restaurant Simulator (New release on Steam, Feb. 23)
  • Blood Bowl 3 (New release on Steam and Epic Games Store, Feb. 23)
  • Scars Above (New release on Steam, Feb. 28)
  • Heads Will Roll: Reforged (Steam)
  • Above Snakes (Steam)
  • Across the Obelisk (Steam)
  • Captain of Industry (Steam)
  • Cartel Tycoon (Steam and Epic Games Store)
  • Ember Knights (Steam)
  • Inside the Backrooms (Steam)
  • SimRail — The Railway Simulator (Steam)

There are a number of great games in this list. Probably the biggest is Atomic Heart, which we’ve known to be coming since the 4080 GPU announcement.

Let us know in the comments which of the titles you are most excited for and make sure to check out the update NVIDIA provided today on GeForce NOW usage!


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