GFN Thursday July 27: 7 New Games Arrive

Remnant II GFN Banner

It’s time for another GFN Thursday update. This is the last Thursday of the month, which sometimes includes a list of games to come in the following month. But, that was not to be this time around. We’ll have to wait until next Thursday to hear about all the games coming in August.

The big news of the week is the launch of Remnant II on GeForce NOW. It is a stunning looking Action Adventure game with Souls-like elements from Gunfire Games and Gearbox Publishing. It’s a brand new release and a day and date AAA pickup for the service.

Remnant II is also a game for which we first broke the news of its likely arrival when it opted into GFN on Steam way back in May. Make sure to check out our weekly posts on new games that opt-in to GeForce NOW to keep tabs on some big likely titles for the service.

New Games This Week

In addition, Riders Republic will now be available to play on GFN from Steam in addition to the Epic Game Store and Ubisoft Store.

Two of the games arriving this week are surprises. However, the Grand Emprise title was also noted as opting-in to GeForce NOW back in early June. It’s a time travelling survival craft game that is also a brand new release on Steam. From the trailer below, it looks to have a wide variety of environments and some unusual boating dynamics (such as boating across land).

Let’s School is the other surprise release. It’s a school simulator where you play the role of a Headmaster tasked with reviving your alma mater. Check out the trailer below.

Starship Troopers: Extermination is another game we first noted had opted into GFN on Steam. It’s the latest title in a very popular series that is bound to make a lot of folks happy on GFN. And, finally, we can’t recommend OCTOPATH TRAVELER enough. If you are a fan of classic RPGs from the SNES days like Final Fantasy 6, Chrono Trigger, this game from Square Enix will absolutely delight you.


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