GFN Thursday May 10, 23: Games and News

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It’s time for another edition of GFN Thursday. This week, NVIDIA has a handful of game announcements and a bit of other news to share with the community.

Before we get going on the games and other news, we want to remind folks that the sale on 6 month priority tier memberships ends in just 10 days. If you want to pick up 6 months of this RTX qualifying tier, you can do so for just $29.99 until May 21!

GeForce NOW 6 Month Sale

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New GFN Games

There are two new GFN games this week.

Occupy Mars is a resource management title that takes place on everyone’s favorite red planet. It features an open-world where you construct your own extra-planetary base and “conduct mining operations, retrieve water, generate oxygen, grow crops, and fix broken parts.” You also do a fair bit of driving various vehicles as well as flying around the planet if the following trailer is to be believed.

TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge 3 is the third title in this racing simulation series that fans of the first two will likely clamor to pick up.

In addition to these new titles, existing GFN games Voidtrain and Far Cry 6 have gone live on Steam (they were both already available on Epic). You’ll note the former title on our list of games that had opted into GFN in the past couple weeks on Steam.

RTX 4080 Rollout Nearly Complete

The GFN RTX 4080 GPUs (available to Ultimate tier subscribers) have reached another city: Atlanta. This fills out the availability on the eastern half of North America nicely.

GFN RTX 4080 availability

By our count, the RTX 4080 superpods have now gone live in all NVIDIA GeForce NOW data centers except for the data center in Phoenix, Arizona. It is fantastic to see NVIDIA being so transparent about the rollout. For many cloud gaming services, we don’t even know the location of their data centers, let alone detailed status information.

That’s it for this second week of May edition of GFN Thursday. You can follow all our GFN News here. Look for another update on the list of Steam games that have opted into the service this weekend.


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