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GFN Thursday Games

It’s Thursday! And, that means it’s time for GeForce NOW (GFN) news. It’s a bit of a light week for news and games. Still, four new games have arrived – each one being a game we already knew would be coming. Three of the four are day and date releases on the service, however.

If you need more game news, make sure to check out our list of games that opted into GFN on Steam over the past week. It contains some juicy morsels. NVIDIA just confirmed that one of our finds, Portal Prelude RTX mod is indeed coming to the service.

New GFN Games This Week

The first three went live earlier in the week when they first launched on Steam.

We here at Cloud Dosage played the heck out of Embr when it was on Stadia. It’s a fantastic online co-op game where you take on the role of a gig-app economy fire-fighter. Yes, that is as bad an idea as it sounds – which makes for a delightful video game.

Of the three new releases, we think Viewfinder is the gem among them.

Viewfinder GFN Game Banner

Take on a different perspective in Viewfinder, the new single-player game from Thunderful Publishing.
Gamers can challenge perception, redefine reality and reshape the world around them with an instant
camera. Capture pictures and bring them to life by placing them into the scene in this mind-bending
reality adventure.

The trailer from the summer game fest left us anxious to play the game.

Techtonica is a factory automation game set on an alien planet where you build to survive. And, Xenonauts 2 is a turn-based tactical battle game where you defend earth from Alien invaders.

See you next week for another edition of GFN Thursday.


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