Google Hiring to “Expand Stadia and Immersive Stream to More Devices”

Stadia Hiring

Matt Joseph, an engineering manager on the Google Stadia and Immersive Stream (for games) team, tweeted today that Google is looking to hire to accelerate the expansion of Stadia on more devices – presumably TVs and connected devices.

You can check out the job posting here and if you happen to be qualified and interested, go ahead and apply! This is just one of many positions open at Google in the Stadia team. Go ahead and search that career site for “Stadia.” The Stadia team has been on a bit of a hiring spree, and it is great to see Stadia receiving equal (or better) billing with immersive stream in the job posting – the two services obviously overlapping and complimenting each other well.

We can only imagine exactly what devices we might see a Stadia app come to next (other than those already announced like TVs from Samsung, LG, Sony, TCL and Android TV devices), but we’d love to see Stadia hit TVs from more manufacturers and streaming devices in the Roku family among others. We think it is unlikely that Apple would let Stadia and other cloud gaming services onto the Apple TV any time soon; so, we wouldn’t hold our breath for that option.

Let us know which devices you’d like to see Stadia hit.


Jack Deslippe

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