Gravitar: Recharged Coming to Stadia?

Gravitar Recharged, at the time of writing, has Stadia listed as an available platform on Atari’s official website for the game. This is similar to Stadia’s appearance in other games we know are coming from Atari (e.g. Breakout) even when the game’s are not yet released. Stadia is not listed on the Missile Command: Recharged page at this point.

Google announced in June this year that Atari would be releasing four games on Stadia before the end of the year. In the announcement, four games were listed.
1. Centipede
2. Black Widow
3. Asteroids
4. Breakout

I took this screenshot for the article. Don’t judge my horrible score

Centipede was the first title released on the list, becoming available only a few days later. All else was quiet until Yars: Recharged was released in late August, a title that was not originally on the list. Both Centipede and Yar’s were Stadia Pro games at the time of their launch.

Gravitar: Recharged was not confirmed for Stadia at the time of its announcement, and has not been confirmed by any other sources since. It could simply be a clerical error from Atari, or it could be that they’ve been waiting to surprise Stadia fans with another stealth-drop.

Again…please stop judging me

With only 4 full months left in the year, if you include September, that conveniently calculates to one new Atari Recharged game per month to be released. Could Google be using the series to help bolster their Stadia Pro library month-to-month? Stadians have responded positively to the two titles released so far. Perhaps Atari could be working to build a community of retro fans in the cloud.

We’d take the evidence of Gravitar coming to Stadia with a grain of salt for now. But, we certainly would welcome the addition.

In case you’re wondering, though, Breakout (still on its way to Stadia) is the best Atari game. I know this because I’m a real gamer. Fight me.


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