Stadia Exclusive Gylt Gets Free Weekend

Despite what the masses may think, Stadia launched with it’s own exclusive title, GYLT. And this weekend you can try it for free.

GYLT, from Tequila Works, has been on Pro before. But, for the people who may have joined Stadia since then and missed the boat, this is a great opportunity to try the game for free.

GYLT is an eerie horror that takes place inside of the protagonists school. But not as she knows it. There’s no gore to be seen here. Jump scares are minimal but do not underestimate this one. This will burrow into your psyche.

A mix of a reality and fantasy that will keep you coming back for more and also peeping from behind your sofa. Bring a friend along to play this one, and you can maybe keep the lights on too.

We decided not to include a lot of pictures here as to not give too much of the game away. But here’s the trailer.

Seeing GYLT get a free weekend is great news. Usually free weekends are taken up by more well known titles and are often shared by other platforms too.

This being a Stadia Exclusive, it will shine light not only on the game but also on the platform itself.

We love seeing a little known gem getting some much deserved attention. Do not miss your opportunity to delve in to this one.

Play GYLT for free August 11 until August 15.



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2 thoughts on “Stadia Exclusive Gylt Gets Free Weekend

  1. Good game. I haven’t finished it yet, but I enjoyed my time. Pretty scary at times!

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