Hello Engineer Gets Its Second Major Update – ‘Secret Room’

tinyBuildGAMES has announced that Hello Engineer just received its second major update – Secret Room.

Hello Engineer takes a unique spin on the popular horror franchise Hello Neighbor. Instead of exploring maze-like levels and trying to dodge Mr. Peterson, players have to construct vehicles in order to complete levels and objectives. Last month, we reviewed the game here at Stadia Dosage. Despite our bare-bones impressions, looks like updates like the one released today help make the game more enjoyable, so the score is slowly improving.

Secret Room adds new content and fixes lots of stuff

Secret Room adds a new secret clubhouse area in the sandbox section of the game. To access there, players will need to find and complete several extra challenges. Also, the game now offers better tips and explanations during the tutorials, so new players can understand all the nooks and crannies. On top of that, the second section of the game has received an overhaul, also adding new cutscenes and content. A nice feature is the photo mode, letting Stadians take elaborated snapshots of their characters and vehicles.

The bulk of the update is in the sandbox game mode. There are now blueprints scattered around the area to help players build vehicles easily. A new area, called The Swamp, has been added, with a new set of vehicles and challenges to overcome. To top it off, a new plastic material has been added, in order to progress through the areas and challenges.

In short, the new update includes:

  • Brand-new Sandbox mode locations and quests
  • Player’s Handbook 7
  • New text alerts/hints during construction
  • New building material – Plastic
  • Art updates
  • … and much more!

You can try Hello Engineer for free during 30 minutes thanks to Stadia’s Trials. If you enjoy the trial, you can purchase the game for $19.99 USD. Feel free to let us know what you think about this update! The game is looking better and better with each update.



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