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Hitman World of Assasination

Released in early 2021, Hitman 3 is the latest entry in the popular HITMAN franchise, developed by IO Interactive. The game features a new and improved graphics engine, which provides a more immersive and detailed gaming experience. The gameplay is largely unchanged from previous entries in the series, but with new levels and a few new mechanics. The game is set in a variety of locations around the world, including Dubai, Chongqing, and Dartmoor. It tasks players with taking out specific targets in a variety of ways. Before Stadia’s shut down, the Hitman series was very popular on Google’s cloud gaming platform.

However, as of January 26th 2023, Hitman 3 was rebranded to HITMAN World of Assassination. This new version of the game includes all the previous content from past titles. This way, IO Interactive hopes to simplify the purchase options for new players. Those who purchase HITMAN World of Assassination, will get access to the base content of Hitman 1, 2 and 3. Additionally, there is also a Deluxe Pack, will all the DLC included. Those who prefer to purchase the extra DLC one at the time, will also be able to. Everything will be available via the in-game store. All in all, these simple changes help make the HITMAN Trilogy easier to experience for newcomers.

Hitman Game Capture
The levels of Hitman are varied and filled with details

World of Assassination

Hitman 3’s gameplay is similar to that of the previous games in the series, which is a stealth-action game. Players take on the role of Agent 47, a highly skilled assassin, and are tasked with taking out specific targets in a variety of ways. Players are given a set of objectives to complete in each level. They must use their stealth and combat skills to take out their targets and complete the mission.

The gameplay is open-ended, allowing players to choose their own approach to each mission. Players can take out their targets in a variety of ways. Such as using stealth to sneak up on them or using brute force to take them out. The levels are designed as sandbox-style environments, with multiple paths and various opportunities to discover. Players can also use a variety of gadgets and weapons to take out their targets. For example, silenced pistols, fiber wire, and poison.

In addition to the main missions, the game also includes various side content such as Contracts mode, which allows players to create and share their own assassination challenges. As well as Escalation mode where players must take out a series of targets in a set order, with each level becoming more difficult. These modes offer a lot of replayability and allow players to continue to test their skills and try new strategies. The game also includes new mechanics such as the briefcase, which allows players to carry more weapons, and the Picture-in-Picture mode, which shows players the location of key NPCs and other important information. The newly added Freelancer mode, also adds a layer of rogue-lite elements to the game, giving extra hours of content to players.

Hitman Screen Capture Directly Attacking Target
Agent 47 going head-on for his target – Probably not the best idea

The Origin of Agent 47

The overall plot of the HITMAN games revolves around the character of Agent 47. A genetically-engineered assassin who is known for his signature bald head and barcode tattoo on the back of his head. The series follows Agent 47 as he carries out a variety of assassination missions for the International Contract Agency and other clients. While also uncovering a larger conspiracy involving his own past and the organization that created him.

The second game’s story follows Agent 47 as he is pulled back into the world of assassination after a period of retirement. The ICA, the organization that he used to work for, contacts him with a new set of missions. All with the end goal of taking down the secretive and powerful Shadow Client. As Agent 47 carries out his missions, he discovers that the Shadow Client’s organization is tied to his own past, while also dealing with the inner turmoil that comes with being an assassin.

The third game, Hitman 3, concludes the World of Assassination trilogy. The game continues the story of Agent 47 as he takes on his most personal contract to date. A series of missions that will take him around the world, and uncover the truth about the secret organization that created him, and the conspiracy that threatens to destroy everything he holds dear. The game also brings a conclusion to the story arc of Diana Burnwood, Agent 47’s long-time handler and friend.

Hitman Screen Capture Mission Selection
The menus are organized and showcase the great amount of content

A new yet familiar look

Just like Hitman 3, World of Assassination features an updated graphics engine, which provides a more immersive and detailed experience. Environments are highly detailed and realistic, with a wide variety of locations including skyscrapers, mansions, and even a winery. The characters in the game are also highly detailed and well-animated, with realistic facial expressions and body language. Additionally, this new engine is capable of producing outstanding graphical effects. Depending on your service of choice, you’ll be able to enjoy higher settings. For example, those with a GeForce NOW subscription, will be able to enjoy the game with RTX and DLSS 3.

The game also features a high level of visual and audio design, which adds to the overall atmosphere and immersion. The lighting and weather effects are particularly noteworthy, with realistic lighting and weather conditions that change dynamically throughout the levels. Sound design is also well-done, with realistic sound effects and an atmospheric soundtrack that adds to the tension of the game. Also, the cutscenes are well-produced, with great voice acting and animation that add to the story and immersion.

The game’s UI is clean and easy to navigate, providing the players with all the information they need to complete their objectives. Thankfully, the game also has minimal bugs and glitches, and those that have been reported have been addressed by IOI via updates. The controls are also well-designed, making it easy to navigate and interact with the environment, and the overall gameplay experience is very smooth.

A genre-defining trilogy

All in all, HITMAN World of Assassination contains an outstanding trilogy of games. Those who enjoy both action and stealth titles, will adore every minute of it. It is clear that the Hitman franchise is IO Interactive’s passion project. Working hard over the years, IOI has provided fans of the franchise three excellent entries that expand the world that the original games created. HITMAN World of Assassination is the culmination of the Stealth genre in video games. Expansive levels to explore, filled with interactive elements, NPCs, items and different gameplay mechanics and missions.

If you have yet to experience IO Interactive’s World of Assassination, give it a try via Game Pass and Xbox Cloud. Hitman 3 and HITMAN World of Assassination can also be played via services like GeForce NOW and Boosteroid. Considering the amount of content the game has, and its online functions, HITMAN World of Assassination is a perfect fit for cloud gaming.

HITMAN World of Assassination


HITMAN World of Assassination
Fun Factor


Hitman 3, now rebranded as HITMAN World of Assassination, simplifies the purchase options for new players by including all previous content from past titles and offers an updated graphics engine, open-ended gameplay with new levels, and a story that follows Agent 47 as he takes on a personal contract to uncover the truth about his past.




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