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The first week of the Cloud Gaming Championships on Stadia (Summer 2022 edition) is upon us! This post contains all the details you need in order to officially compete and submit your score. Please also make sure you are registered for the tournament. You can register anytime at the main tournament page.

What is the Week 1 Challenge

The first challenge is based on a Hitman 1 level. The challenge was created by Stadia community member @elilevyd who is a well known prolific Hitman speedrunner. It was designed to be fun and challenging for new and expert gamers alike.


The rules of the challenge are simple:

You must start a Hitman mission using the following Stadia State Share – this insures you are using this state’s starting location, suit, items (both carried and smuggled) and difficulty!

Then, we simply use the in game score at the end of the mission. The higher your score is, the higher on the leaderboard you get. This time the rules are simplified, so they reflect the Hitman ruleset.

Here are a couple example scores for a different scenario:

Example Score from a Different Hitman Scenario. In that scenario, Eli di everything perfectly and got a score of 205,045
A further example from the Different scenario. Eli runs the scenario again with a faster time but receives a lower score because he was spotted.

So, we will use the Hitman in game score… Except: We will award 100 bonus points for each of the following:

  • Only 1 knock-out
  • Only 1 disguise change

See below for instructions on submitting your score. Note, you must include a video recording as evidence!

When to Compete

You can complete this challenge any time between 12:01 AM Pacific on Monday July 18th to 11:59 PM Pacific on Saturday July 23rd. (Pay attention: that is Saturday night!)

You can continue updating your score until that point! You can submit as many scores/videos as you like throughout the week.

How to Record and Submit

You must submit your score and video recording at the following form – – by the deadline.

You can record your run in any way that you like – for example, using local screen recording software or streaming your attempts to your YouTube, Twitch of other channels.

If you are unfamiliar with recording gameplay, the easiest way to record your submissions (to either a public or unlisted YouTube video) is by using Stadia’s built in Direct Streaming support. See the following detailed instructions:

Please note that before you can live stream to your YouTube account you must enable “Intermediate Features” in your channel settings by verifying your YouTube account with a phone number. This can take up to 24 hours!

Make Sure to Enable “Intermediate Features” on Your YouTube Channel In Order to Use Stadia Direct Streaming

That’s it! Good luck everyone! And, don’t forget! This tournament is first and foremost about having fun!! So, have fun!

Submit a Score Now

Watch the Week 1 Wrap Up Video


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