Klabater is a New Official Stadia Publisher


Klabater, a game developer and the publisher of a number of popular games, took to Twitter today to announce they are now officially a Google Stadia publisher. They highlight that their titles will “soon become available on this modern Google #streaming platform!”

Klabater generally operates in the strategy and simulation genre. They have developed a number of games – the most popular of which (based on overall sales) appears to be Crossroads Inn. Watch the trailer below:

They are also the publisher of games in those genres from other studios including the highly-anticipated upcoming game: Moonshine Inc. You can also watch the trailer for the upcoming game:

For now, no specific individual games have been confirmed as coming to Stadia. So, stay on the look out for future updates.

To see all the games that are on their way to Stadia, check out our list.


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