New! Launch Stadia Games from Search Results

It looks like Google has rolled out a significant update to its search results for games. Now, when you search for a game, you can press “play” on your favorite cloud gaming service that has the game in order to get taken to a page to start up the title. For titles on Stadia, pressing play actually directly launches the game!

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This is an enhancement to Google’s “Knowledge Graph” that is indeed pretty smart. It’s actually a great way to figure out which cloud platforms have a game. And, it’s especially nice for Chrome OS users.

Major kudos to @BryantChappel on twitter for the discovery. You can see his original tweet below which includes a demo of the feature!:

This is one of the truly amazing things about Stadia and cloud gaming. You can be searching for a game to play on Google, and literally seconds later you can be in the game playing! Click and play!

This feature looks to be well done, and well done Google for including multiple services to steer clear of anti-trust accusations. Like everything Google launches, it appears to be rolling out to users gradually. So, it might take some days to get to you.


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