Legacy Games Teases New Titles Coming to Stadia Pro

Legacy Games is no stranger to what Stadia, and specially Stadia Pro, can offer. Today, it has come to our attention, thanks to Stadia Dosage friends @dethalive and @NinjaGuyX, that a new set of games are heading to Stadia soon. Twin Mind and Looking for Aliens Collector’s Edition are the latest Legacy Games offerings for Stadians.

It is also worth mentioning that the official website says “Upon release, new games enter the Stadia Pro subscription program and remain there for six months”. This confirms that their games join Stadia Pro on release and are available to claim for six months. It’s also worth noting that Legacy Game’s Adam Wolfe is leaving Stadia Pro this week. So remember to claim it before it leaves!

Let’s take a deeper look at Twin Mind and Looking for Aliens Collector’s Edition, before they arrive at Stadia:

Twin Mind

DominiGames’s Twin Mind is a hidden object game franchise that spawns three entries:

  • Twin Mind: Murderous Jealousy Collector’s Edition
  • Twin Mind: Power of Love Collector’s Edition
  • Twin Mind: Ghost Hunter Collector’s Edition

Twin Mind follows two twin detective while they investigate a set of challenging cases. We have yet to see if all three games are making its way to Stadia, since the image used to promote the series making its way to Stadia feature a general logo for Twin Mind. It would be great to have access to the entire franchise on the platform. Here’s a trailer for Power of Love:

Looking for Aliens Collector’s Edition

Looking for Aliens is a hidden object game that lets you see the world through an alien TV show. Hunt for items in 25 vibrant and detailed locations, including Area 51, the dream world, and outer space!

Meet charming galactic TV hosts and an earthling called Zhaun. Whoops, that should be Shaun! Find anything that helps Shaun to prove the existence of alien life and return to Earth.

What do humans look like through alien eyes? Who really landed on the moon? Where are the spaceships hidden? What’s the most dangerous thing in the galaxy? Play Looking for Aliens to find out!

Looking for Aliens by Yustas Games Studio



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