Luna and GOG’s Partnership is Coming ‘Soon’

Buckle up, Luna-tics! The wait is almost over for a massive library injection as joins the “Lunaverse”. In a surprise announcement yesterday (June 3rd), Luna’s official Twitter account sent shivers down DRM-averse spines with a simple, cryptic message: “Soon™”. While details are scarce, all signs point to the long-rumored integration of GOG’s library finally coming to fruition.

This is a huge deal for Luna users. And one we first heard about back in March. is a champion for DRM-free gaming, offering a vast collection of titles, from nostalgic classics like Baldur’s Gate to modern hits like Cyberpunk 2077. With Luna’s seamless cloud streaming tech, gamers will be able to access their existing GOG library directly, eliminating the need for downloads and installations. Better yet, any GOG games purchased through Luna will be added to your GOG library, allowing for DRM-free offline play on PC whenever you choose.

This partnership is a win-win for both Luna and Luna gains a massive (and much needed) library boost, catering to a wider audience of gamers who value DRM-free options., on the other hand, expands its reach by offering its titles on a new platform, potentially bringing a wave of new customers to its DRM-free storefront.

So what can we expect?

While the exact launch date remains shrouded in Luna’s signature “Soon™” mystery, the tweet has ignited excitement within the gaming community. Speculation is rife on forums and social media, with gamers eagerly anticipating the full list of compatible titles.

One thing’s for certain: Luna’s about to get a lot more interesting for DRM-free enthusiasts. Keep your eyes peeled here for further updates, and get ready to dive into a treasure trove of DRM-free goodness on the cloud!

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