38 Games Now Set to Leave Amazon Luna in the Near Future

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A couple weeks back we reported that 15 games were set to leave Luna+ and Amazon Luna by the end of the end September. Unfortunately, the number of games leaving in the near future has now ballooned to 38. Luna has already lost over 150 games from its catalog. The Luna+ subscription currently sits at 109 games. The loss of these 38 games will likely bring the total down into the 70s by November.

List of Games Leaving Amazon Luna and Luna+ in the Near Future

What does it mean?

This unfortunately is the continuation of a trend of games being lost from the Luna+ collection as well as titles that were once in the now shuttered Family and Retro channels. It will bring the total loses for Luna close to 200 games in just about one year’s time.

We think this doesn’t bode well for Luna+. At $9.99 a month, a 70-80 game library unfortunately doesn’t stack up well compared to the likes of Blacknut and Utomik, yet alone the heavy hitters like Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean the end of Amazon Luna. Luna has begun to gain traction as a free addon perk for Amazon Prime Subscribers. Prime members can stream Fortnite, games they own from the Ubisoft store and 4 other rotating games a month without having to subscribe to Luna+ at all. In addition, Luna still operates an Ubisoft+ channel (where they play a role similar to a white label service provider) that is set to get Activision-Blizzard games in the near future (assuming the Microsoft acquisition closes).

We think it is likely that Amazon sees these offerings as more compelling going forward than managing its own subscription in Luna+.


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