15 More Games Now Scheduled to Leave Luna in Near Future

Luna Logo Leaking Paint (Games)

We just wrote a post about 3 games scheduled to leave Luna in the near future. These were relatively minor titles on the service. Unfortunately, it now looks like the list of departures has grown to 15 games – including some important and popular titles.

We’ll also note that Saints Row the Third left the service recently without any fan fair at all.

Games Leaving Luna

Amazon will need to add more than 1 new game and 2 returning titles in September (as they are planning in August) to make up for this loss in the Luna+ catalog. However, we’ve been predicting that the free Prime channel and cloud white-label-like passthroughs for publisher offerings (like Ubisoft’s and Epic’s Stores) are likely what Amazon will emphasize in the future. In this way, we see them possibly shifting to more of a GeForce NOW or Boosteroid type of offering – that could potentially be a free benefit for Amazon Prime subscribers.

With these 15 games leaving the service. The Lost Games of Luna list will officially surpass the current games of Luna list in quantity by a significant margin.


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