Multiple Major Updates Hitting Stadia Games

In addition to four new titles, a number of updates hit existing Stadia games in the last week that brought bug-fixes as well as a lot of new exciting content. And, more major updates hitting Stadia games are coming next week!

Terraria 1.4.3

First up – the heavily looked forward to 1.4.3 update to Terraria is now live! This brings a ton of new content to the game including a Terraria and “Don’t Starve Together” crossover! Check out this trailer:

The cross-over includes a Don’t Starve inspired world seed, items and a Deerclops boss battle!

Other updates include new community content vanity armor, a new 10 year celebration world seed, a new princess NPC, other new items and new achievements. Plus you can now rename your character!

All in all, there is a lot here to keep Terraria players busy for the near future!

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid 2.9.1

The Stadia team highlighted this update in the most recent install of This Week on Stadia. It’s interesting that we don’t see this update discussed from Power Ranger themselves. But, the Stadia team describes the changes in the following way:

You can expect to see battle changes for several characters from Udonna to Adam Park, whether it is more effort required to defeat your foes or reduced damage to give others a chance. The new update also tackles Megazord adjustments in addition to all the buffs and nerfs galore. Be sure to head over to Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid for a morphinomenal experience!

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Season of the Haunted

Destiny 2 received a major content update last week in the form of the new Season of the Haunted. This boosted the Stadia player base – as seen in our Stadia Stats. It’s amazing to see how popular Destiny 2 continues to be, on all platforms including Stadia, and how regularly the team at Bungie updates the game.

As a reminder, the Destiny 2 base game is free to play on Stadia to everyone, regardless of whether they subscribe to Stadia Pro or not. All you need to play is a web-browser!

Dead by Daylight Roots of Dread Coming June 7

Brand new content is also coming to Dead by Daylight on June 7th! This takes the form of the Chapter 24 Roots of Dread update. There is still a shrowd of mystery surrounding the chapter, but from the teasers the team has put out, it looks scary as heck with a tagline we find super creepy: when dusk turns full black. Check out the official trailer below.

Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle Coming June 6

Last but not least, Elder Scrolls Online is getting a huge content update in the form of the High Isle update arriving on June 6th. The Stadia team describes this update (and a chance to earn a pre-order) bonus in this weeks blog post:

A brand-new Elder Scrolls adventure is arriving on Stadia on June 6, so get ready to defend the Legacy of the Bretons in ESO’s upcoming High Isle Chapter. Learn more about the history and background of the Systres Archipelago in a recent story trailer and discover more about the noble knight aspirant (and in-game Companion) Isobel Veloise, voiced by none other than Laura Bailey!

This is also your last chance to receive the Palefrost Elk mount and additional in-game rewards for pre-purchasing The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle, so don’t miss out on your chance to claim these bonus in-game goodies before the new Chapter lands on June 6 – we’ll see you in Tamriel!

The Elder Scrolls Online continues to be one of the games that just keeps on giving and giving (in the form of exciting new content) to Stadians. Once again, you can check out the Trailer below:


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