Many Thousands of Players Try Ubisoft+ Free on Stadia

Last week, Ubisoft+ went free for a month (until October 10) on Stadia and other platforms. We were curious to see if we’d be able to discern the effect from this in our Stadia Stats – particularly in the game leaderboard data. Well, a week has gone by, and we most definitely can see an effect!! It’s clear that Ubisoft+ going free has resulted in many thousands of players trying Ubisoft+ games on Stadia – likely in the tens thousands across the platform as a whole.

The best way we can track this is by looking at the total leaderboard size of Ubisoft games on Stadia. Unfortunately, there aren’t all that many games with public leaderboards. The Crew 2, Rayman Legends and Assassin’s Creed Black Flag are three games that do platform leaderboards, however.

Rather than burying the lead, lets go straight into the meat of the matter – The Crew 2 is perhaps the best game leaderboard to monitor growth. It grew by over 3,000 Stadians in the last week alone:

The Crew 2 Stadia Leaderboard Over Time
The Crew 2 Leaderboard on Stadia Over Time. Notice the dramatic increase in the last point.

The increase in the last week is ~10x greater than normal. Meaning that ~90% of the growth can be attributed to the Ubisoft+ free month trial. The leaderboard is now closing in on 100K Stadians in part due to the free Ubisoft+ trial.

The Crew 2 is a popular game, but it is by no means the most popular Ubisoft game these days. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Odyssey and Far Cry 6 and 5 are likely all more popular. Unfortunately, none of these games have a public leaderboard that we can track. But, we’d imagine the growth would be bigger than for The Crew 2 if we could track them.

Other games we can track include Rayman Legends (the fun 2D platformer where the leaderboard was unfortunately recently reset):

Rayman Legends Stadia Leaderboard Over Time
Rayman Legends Stadia Leaderboard Over Time

The Rayman Legends leaderboard grew by over 1,000 Stadians in the last week: ~3x-5x more than expected without the Ubisoft+ free trial. Rayman Legends represents the low end of games on Ubisoft+ (though we highly recommend checking it out!!).

Unfortunately, the Assassin’s Creed Black Flag leaderboard is a bit flakey. We weren’t able to capture it right before or after the Ubisoft+ free trial went live. But, our best guess is that around 1,000 new players can be attributed to the trial.

Assassin's Cree Black Flag Stadia Leaderboard Size Over Time
Assassin’s Cree Black Flag Stadia Leaderboard Size Over Time

What does this all add up to? Well, if you consider that there are over 30 Ubisoft+ games on Stadia. It is very very likely that 10’s of thousands of players have jumped on the Ubisoft+ free trial on Stadia. Approximately 3,000 of which have tried The Crew 2 alone!

We definitely recommend checking out the Ubisoft+ free month on Stadia if you haven’t already. There really isn’t anything to lose.


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