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Back in September 2021 around the launch of games on Netflix, the streaming giant decided to acquire the indie studio Night School Studio. Night School has released four games since its founding however, only two of those games are available via a Netflix subscription so let’s talk about what games are missing?

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The “Oxenfree” Games Are On Netflix Games, Technically:

Now the “Oxenfree” games are a popular duo of indie games, however, both games are already available on Netflix via mobile but unlike its predecessor “Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals” is not available via Netflix Cloud Gaming. It makes sense the “Oxenfree” games are already on Netflix as those games are Night School’s more well-known games, plus “Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals” was a day-and-date release with other platforms back in July 2023. So now that we know the two games from Night School Studio are both in the “Oxenfree” franchise, let’s talk about the other two.

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Night School’s “Afterparty” Is A Unique Indie Game Which Is Missing:

Night School Studio’s next game after “Oxenfree” was interesting, to say the least, that game was “Afterparty”. In “Afterparty” you play as Milo and Lola who are best buds who have passed on and you are staring down eternal hell, unless you outdrink Satan who if you will will grant you a return to earth. “Afterparty” was released in 2019 and as of writing this game is not available on Netflix Games via mobile or the cloud. “Afterparty” is a game that needs to come to Netflix Games sooner rather than later because it is such a unique game, hopefully, we will see this game on Netflix soon.

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Next Stop Nowhere Is Still Yet To Stop At Netflix Games:

Night School Studio’s game “Next Stop Nowhere” is a mobile game that until earlier this year was available via Apple Arcade. In “Next Stop Nowhere” you play as Beckett who due to running into a former bounty hunter Serra who causes Beckett to get tangled up in an adventure that he may not survive. The absence of “Next Stop Nowhere” is to be expected as the game only left Apple Arcade earlier this year so the Android version may not exist yet, due to the terms of Apple Arcade wanting games exclusively.

Next Stop Nowhere est votre prochain jeu Apple Arcade ...

Final Thoughts:

Night School Studio is still a rather new studio and has only been controlled by Netflix for a little over two years, with the “Oxenfree” games already being on Netflix Games hopefully we start seeing “Afterparty” and “Next Stop Nowhere” within the next year. Night School Studio is a talented team and I can’t wait to see what they do in the future.


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