Monster Hunter: World Heads Up The Game Arrivals On This Week’s GFN Thursday!

GFN Thursday!

It is a Monsterous GFN Thursday this week with 11 titles coming to the GFN library.

Take To The Hunt

Joining the GFN Library this week is the action role-playing title, Monster Hunter: World – join the fifth fleet and head to a world that is a living and breathing ec-system, it also just happened to be filled with monstrous creatures to slay!

Journey alone or with up to three other players as you explore this new world, slay vicious monsters, and craft better gear that allows you to take on bigger and worse threats!

Monster Hunter World is one of 11 titles arriving into the GeForce NOW Library this week, the first batch of titles are new titles to GeForce NOW:

The next list is games that are gaining extra store support on GeForce NOW:

Checkout more on this news in our latest video!


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