Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller Camo Edition – Review

Pro gaming controllers are not usually a piece of video game hardware that I am interested in, however, when I was provided with the opportunity to review the Revolution X Pro Gaming Controller Camo Edition from Nacon, my interest peaked.

Straight out of the box, I was very impressed to see that the controller came packed in its very own hard shell carry case. The carry case has enough room to keep the controller secure as well as also being able to store all the additional extras that the controller comes packed with such as the controller’s cable, cleaning cloth and of course all the interchangeable parts needed to customise the controller. The case also has a very nice camo green finish, sticking with the camo colour theme of the controller itself.

Gamers who are familiar with the Xbox One/Series controllers will certainly feel at home with the button and thumbstick layout of the Revolution X Pro Controller and it has very much been designed around those controllers. The stick positions are the same as the Xbox controllers, the main Xbox home button sits proudly and the centre of the controller. The back and pause buttons also reflect that of the Xbox controllers. It also features 4 buttons on the back of the controller that can be remapped using Nacon’s downloadable software. I highly recommend delving into the software as it has an extensive range of options available to really fine-tune the Revolution X Pro Controller to your personal play style. The controller also supports multiple profiles, so you can tailor different pre-sets for various genres of games.

The controller itself will connect to your PC or console via a detachable USB-USB C cable, which comes in at a generous 3M long. It also has a headphone jack which supports Dolby Atmos.

Given that this is the first Pro Controller I have ever had in my possession, I was very curious to delve into the various customisation options that the Nacon Revolution X provides. You can change the caps on the thumbsticks, with the option of a convex or concave thumb cap. I did try changing mine, it was very simple to do but I did notice that you have to apply some considerable force in order to do so. You can also add and remove various cylinders to the thumbsticks themselves in order to limit the amount of motion that the thumbsticks have, I did try the smaller of the two sets of cylinders provided, however, I did not like the response I was getting whilst using them so I removed them and returned to using the standard thumbstick with no cylinder attached.

One customisation option that really impressed me was the ability to change the weight of the controller which you do by by placing weights into the grips. There are three sizes of weights to choose from, 10g, 14g and 16g, now I love a good weighty controller so I immediately went for the 16g weights and it really did make the controller feel nice. A plus point here is that all this customisation can be done without the use of any tools or special equipment at all.

Comfort is a really strong area for the Revolution X Pro Controller. I have only used it hooked up to my Mini PC which I use for 100% cloud gaming and I can now honestly say it will be my go-to controller for this use case going forward. The controller has a very nice feel to it, with a rubberised textured grip that just feels really nice to hold, even for long gaming sessions. I played a range of games across various genres using the Revolution X Pro, from a 3rd person RPGs such as Mass Effect 2, to racing titles such as Art of Rally and the controller felt really nice across all of the games I played. A small feature I also found really nice was the RGB lighting around the right thumbstick, a small but very welcome feature.

Overall, as a relative novice to Pro Gaming Controllers, I am really impressed with the Revolution X Pro. The controller feels very nice and the range of easy-to-fit customization options that are available is fantastic. I also love the fact that it comes with its own carry case, a small but very welcome bonus. As a prominent cloud gamer, the controller certainly fits my use case on PC perfectly. At the current price of £99, it is also not too badly priced when compared to other Pro Gaming controllers and with that in mind then I can certainly recommend the Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller.

The Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller Camo Edition was provided to Cloud Dosage for review by Nacon.


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