Netflix Announces A Third ‘Too Hot To Handle’ Game and Its Release Date

Netflix Games is on a role recently, after having a five-game strong month in May as well as confirming the release dates for the highly anticipated Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit. But now we have another game which has been announced, or rather leaked. Due to the Apple App Store, we now know that there is a third game based on Netflix’s popular Too Hot To Handle dating franchise.

Too Hot To Handle 3 Is Coming Soon To Netflix Games

The third game in the Too Hot To Handle franchise is coming to Netflix Games on July 18th 2024, this follows a pattern as the previous game was released on July 20th 2023. The Official description for this game on the Apple App Store reads:

This time, you’re the bombshell! Crash the retreat and start drama among the paired-up singles in this season of “Too Hot To Handle,” the beloved dating game based on the series. More customization! Fewer Inhibitions! will you find love and romance or go for casual hookups in this dating game?

Flirt with glittering singles, get tangled up in love triangles, and make a fateful decision that could have lasting consequences for your dating life. Can you abstain from getting frisky and build a true romance?Or will you succumb to infatuation? The story is in your hands. Based on the hit Netflix reality series “Too Hot To Handle”.

The Official Apple App Store Decription For Too Hot To Handle 3 On Netflix Games.

What’s exciting about this game is it marks the second franchise based on Netflix property to hit three games (the first was Stranger Things). If you were a fan of the first two Too Hot To Handle games, then make sure you pencil July 18th into your calendar so you can check out this game when it releases.

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