Netflix Games Announces Cozy Grove Camp Spirit Release Date

Netflix Games the gaming division of Netflix has finally announced the official launch date for their upcoming game Cozy Grove Camp Spirit. So let’s go over this news and discuss why this game is such a big deal.

What Is Cozy Grove Camp Spirit and When Is It Launching On Netflix

Cozy Grove Camp Spirit is the first big game from Spry Fox on Netflix almost two years after being acquired by them. It is a life simulation game where you travel to an island inhabited by ghost bears and try to turn the lonely island into a thriving community. This game’s release date being confirmed is also important, largely due to the fact Spry Fox was the only internal developer that was acquired by Netflix (four of the six of Netflix’s game studios were acquired) that hadn’t released a game on the gaming platform.

Cozy Grove Camp Spirit is coming out on Netflix Games for mobile on June 25th, however, there has been no confirmation for the cloud yet which is disappointing as the game is a Netflix-owned game franchise. You can check out the official trailer down below.

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